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i'm wearing our first shirt right now.... [13 Mar 2003|06:01pm]

I thought of a new line of shirts for us to design that i know david will like.

it involves the 7 deadly sins paralleled against modern politics, i.e.

a picture of gluttony and something to do with our economy or with obesity rates (say like mcdonald's yearly income on a graph for the past 30 years or so)

a picture of wrath and our army, or photos of dead middle eastern civilians, or photos on the world trade center crash

you get the idea...now get working on it!
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they're coming [08 Mar 2003|11:01am]

total cost: $458.28

total shirts ordered: 58

it was 370.62 for the shirts, 92.66 for rush delivery

it's begun.
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[05 Mar 2003|08:53pm]


comments on color of shirt and font

i'm probably going to make the shirt black or blue

how many should we order of each size?
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[05 Mar 2003|09:33am]

[ mood | tired ]

With regard to the big hitters in international diplomacy it seems that a fast shift has been made in the last few weeks. Turkey has denied the U.S. proposal for use of troops, even with a reimbursement price tag of twenty billion dollars, money that could be much better well-spent on unemployment, homeless, or disease control research. However not only Turkey has made it evident it does not support the U.S.'s new policy towards 'Terroristic Nation-States'. Russia, France and German foreign ministers are meeting today in Paris to send a very clear message to the U.S. and the U.N.; they will utterly refuse any formal U.N. Draft that leads to war, even threatening to go as far as using their long-standing Veto power against any U.S. or U.K joint ratification of such resolutions.

I wanted to do more than summarize but I just woke up and do not believe coherent analysis will be possible at this point.

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Test [04 Mar 2003|08:19pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

What I find particularly disheartening about the society I dwell in is the opposition to random, sporatic, friendly interaction...

... It just seems like nobody cares anymore ...

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